FAQ (updated!)

People ask me the most randomest things sometimes and I am so ill-equipped to handle conversations with new people that I either just go along with their presumptions, give a white lie or hide behind a pillar until they go away. Heh heh. Here are some the most frequently asked for your reading pleasure. 

What is this blog about?

It's about anything and everything that I care about or have discovered. My career consists of writing for commercial value whereas in contrast, my blog is all about both frivolous and serious things that I want to share with my friends and the Internet. All the information contained on Pam Writes a Blog is honest, sincere and was truly created with the intention of adding some magic glitter into our lives. 

Are you a new blogger?

No, I have been publishing on the Internet since 1997. I know. I'm like, ancient. 

How come you don't look old? 

Thank you! Most Asians tend to look younger than they really are. Then when we hit 70 or so, we self-transform into sweet little grannies with puffs of white hair and a walking stick that I will use to prod handsome, innocent men with 6-pack abs.  

If you want to stay young, you need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 

How tall are you?

5 feet or 154cm. Sometimes I suspect that I am 150cm. 

Did you do plastic surgery on your face/body? 

No. Not yet, anyway. I am considering Botox-ing my face in 10 years time if it all turns wobbly, though! But I am afraid of needles.

Why is your nose so straight? or, Why don't you look Chinese? 

Man, I can't tell you what a complex it was growing up in a community where everyone thought Chinese girls were supposed to look fair and almond-eyed like Zhang Zi Yi. But overtime, I have kinda gotten over the fact that I will never look Chinese-ish. *brave face* 

Is my nose really straight? It's a weird nose that's upturned when you look at it from the side but it still has the Chinese bulby-feel when you look at me from the front, I think. My cheekbones were inherited from my grandma, who was a Mongolian. But I am still 100% Chinese, I think. I don't know why I'm dark skinned, either. 

I wanna be fair skinned, actually. :( 

Are you sure you're not Thai/Indon/Indian/Filipino? 

Yes, I am pretty sure I'm not. But thanks! Those are nice compliments because girls with those DNA are smoking hot. I'm a proud Asian girl! 

How can you afford to go traveling/do so many things? or, Show Me the Money! 

I alternate between freelancing and running my own small business, which is just enough to let me have fun with the appropriate amount of moderate spending. This is why most of my DIY/travel tips are all based on budgets, and what you don't know is that in the offline world, I usually work 6 days a week. 

I'm not that well-off (yet), and it will be a few more years before I get my dream Chanel bag, I think.*sad* Let's all work hard, everybody! 


  1. LOVE this! you are ├╝ber quirky & why have i only discovered you now??? lol. but now's just as good a time as any.

    ps. i'm also a tanned chinese & sometimes i wish i were snow snow white but mostly, i'm quite happy to be tanned. a tan just makes everybody look so much healthier!


  2. wow thanks for the chain of comments! where is your blog and why haven't you posted up your photo yet??? :D

    1. sorry i've only just read this now. i don't like leaving pictures of me everywhere & the only reason i have an account on blogger is to comment! hehe.

      i write at hanabisky(dot)com
      so sorry for the spam! i tend to go comment-crazy whenever i find a new blog i love.

      keep writing! :D

    2. I saw it I saw it (hanabisky (dot) com)

      Yes, let's work hard and write more! *deep bow*

  3. Whoever asked you that question - Why don't you look like a Chinese sure is funny

    First of all, you do look like a pure Chinese. I find it really amusing people say or think you don't.

    Indon / Filipino can be of any races. Chinese, Indian, natives etc

    You are dark skinned because you were born and are living in Malaysia (South East Asia). SE Asians skin color range from tan to light brown.
    Second, is probably your genetic.

    You said you don't know why you are 'dark skinned'. Hope the above helps ;)

    1. Hahahah thanks for the comment, Mel! Perception is a funny thing and it's always interesting to hear the thoughts of others! Happy New Year! (^_^) /


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