About Me

Apa khabar? My name is Pam.

I was born in Malaysia, 1984 (along with other legends such as Katy Perry, Park Bom, Scarlett Johansson and Lee Kwang Soo). I also happen to share the same birth date with Sailormoon.

I'm a trained mechanical engineer, but writer by trade.

I dream of growing old in a house filled with lots of tiny dogs, large kids and a handsome husband who will regale me with medieval stories of epic proportions. I dream of wearing plenty of dresses, skirts and would fund research for overnight eyelash growth serum.

For now, I like to read lots of books (3-4 a week!) while juggling being a new wife and writer at the same time. Sometimes I clean the house, too!

This is my Internet diary, and I'm glad you stopped by. Do bookmark the site, come back often and maybe we could be friends? :)

Want more info? Read my FAQ or contact me directly here.


  1. It would be really funny if you are the same Pam I once met in Monash...or i could be completely wrong and just met her doppelganger...

    anyhow, one of your post was uber useful (thanks)...it was none other than the typical malaysian questions "where to renew passport" and I have lived here all my life! Don't get me wrong, I'm not ignorant...it's just that the venues tend to change faster than the mushrooming of burger joints in the klang valley!

    1. Duuuuude that passport post page is outdated, I will update it soon with the latest procedures (athough by now you probably already know) heh heh and yes I am probably the same Pam you met once in Monash :) small world!


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